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Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team (HART) was formed in February 2000 through an initiative of the Herefordshire Nature Trust and the Worcestershire Reptile and Amphibian Group. Since then HART has grown steadily and now operates independently, though in close cooperation with its two ‘parents’. HART also works in partnership with Herefordshire Mammal Group and the Herefordshire Biological Records Centre (HBRC).

The aims of HART are:

  • to gather and collate amphibian and reptile records for the county;
  • to promote public awareness of these species;
  • to encourage conservation of their habitats;
  • to train individuals in survey and identification skills.

HART’s main activities include regular surveys and site monitoring, field trips in summer and indoor meetings in winter. HART organises winter work parties to undertake scrub and pond conservation management (also an enjoyable social activity) and training on habitat maintenance and creation.

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