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  • Mon

    HART AGM followed by a talk on the Ice Age Ponds Project

    7:30 pmSutton St Nicholas Village Hall HR1 3SZ

    David Hutton, Project Manager
    Our new Heritage Lottery and Kingspan funded project in partnership with the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust has started its Development Stage. During this stage preliminary surveys, consultations with public and private landowners together with further prioritisation and selection of ponds will take place. Successful completion of this by August 2019 is necessary in order to secure funding for a further two-year Delivery Stage.

    Project Manager David Hutton has been appointed (from end November 2018) and Beth Andrew, the Project Officer for the geology aspects, has been appointed by EHT. David will have overall responsibility for the project, based at the HWT in Queenswood, reporting to Andrew Nixon. Ecology Consultants have been appointed too: HART’s Will Watson and Giles King-Salter.

    If you are interested in joining the project, either with an ecology or a geology interest, or both, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities, and training courses will be provided from March onwards (see below). We will be surveying ponds along the areas either side of the River Wye West of Hereford where many ponds were created at the end of the last Ice Age (20,000 –15,000mya). Another area is in North West Herefordshire (Pembridge, Kington) where there is a lot of hummocky moraine left at the end of the Ice Age where ponds could have formed.

    Not all ponds there today would be of this age – the aims of the surveying will be to identify both the wildlife species found in the ponds, and the form and origin of the ponds using geological techniques to analyse the soil and sediments around the ponds.

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