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The Adder is Britain's only venomous snake.
The most obvious thing people think about in relation to pond plants is usually the flowers - stately bullrushes or
Apart from dragonflies, in general Herefordshire’s ponds have been poorly studied for invertebrates.
Herefordshire supports 25 of the 40 or so species of dragonfly recorded in the UK. There are 5 species which
Ponds support an incredible diversity of animal life. Some, like the microscopic protozoa and tiny water fleas, freshwater shrimps, fish
Ponds within the County of Herefordshire are many and varied. This article by Will Watson explores their origins, formation and
This guide outlines the methods by which local amphibian populations can be increased by creating new ponds and modifying and
Good reptile habitat consists of a varied vegetation structure and south or south-easterly aspect. Preferred sites include hillsides, banks, slopes