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Habitat management for reptiles
Good reptile habitat consists of a varied vegetation structure and south or south-easterly aspect. Preferred sites include hillsides, banks, slopes
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Herefordshire Ponds & Newts Project
2003 – 2006 The aim of the project was to assess the health of the ponds in Herefordshire, and the
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What’s that snake?
Snakes can invoke fascination or fear and loathing, even amongst wildlife lovers. Many people have a problem identifying, understanding and
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Ponds & Newts Heritage Network Project
From June 2012, the Ponds & Newts Heritage Network Project planned to discover, map and survey the network of ponds
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Pond Restoration and Celebration Project
Nearly 300 ponds were surveyed during the Ponds and Newts Project, of which almost 50% supported great crested newts, but
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