Whixall Moss visit – June 2018

Nine people gathered on a sunny Sunday morning at Whixall Moss, a National Nature Reserve managed by Natural England. We were led round by an experienced volunteer to look for some of the key species on the Moss.

At the first main ditch there were lots of dragonflies, mostly Four-spotted Chasers, and here we also found a Raft Spider.

Further into the Moss we spotted White-faced Darter.

The Moss is the southernmost location in England for this dragonfly species, which is mainly associated with the Scottish Highlands.  Amphibians and reptiles were in short supply although Will did net a newt together with a variety of beetles.

Finally at the end of the day a toad was found under a piece of wood.   An excellent day, well worth the long journey.

An information leaflet about the reserve can be downloaded from the Natural England website: click here